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Train. Operate. Communicate.

The interactive tool for the remote management of complex facilities

Capture. Enrich. Share.

TotalYmage Immersive Content Management Platform enables to communicate more efficiently and accurately on complex processes.


Manage knowledge and reduce the accident risk with immersive corporate training

Knowledge Management

Geo-position your training content in your facilities images.

Document your best practices in real situation context.

Improve and speed up knowledge retention through visual training.

Autonomy and velocity

Create your own training environments in a few clicks and share them immediately.

Give your employees an interactive way to discover your distant facilities and learn from your content.

Reduce transport and in-situ training for a best cost effective learning solution.

Immersive and interactive training

Learn directly from the virtual clones of your factories, a simple and realistic immersion.

Benefit from the depth of digital content, multi-sites teleportation.

Embed an unlimited number of levels and content to interact with.


Operate remotely your digital 4.0 factories at a reduced cost

Real Time information

Access up to date manuals and maintenance documents.

Capture real time data from your sensors and webcams.

​Display alerts and predictive analysis.

An operational digital solution

Enhance the variety and power of digital tools to give depth and content to your work environments.

Multi-formats, multi-locations, unlimited interaction and teleportation levels.

Operational work environments for all your employees.

Improve team organization

Give your teams digital tools for their autonomy and collaboration.

Implement new ways to work remotely in total mobility.

Optimize your team productivity, save time and transport costs.


Maximize visibility and sales with interactive communication

Create visual technical communications

Communicate clearly on internal technical issues in their context.

Create interactive reports for audits, inspections, construction sites projects.

Share technical projects environments with all stakeholders.

Spread knowledge and collaboration

Give local staff visual tools to learn about your global facilities.

Improve knowledge acquisition and spread best practices.

Adopt new digital usages to collaborate company wide.

Enhance your sales and marketing effort

Sell your products through interactive visits of your facilities.

Create immersive experiences for marketing purpose.

Draw your prospects’ attention through a unique media.


Time & training costs


Productivity gain and reduction of operational cost


Improved Maintenance and downtime reduction